~dear diary~

Welcome to Diary of a Serial Killer, and thank you so much for reading.  Unless you have no sense of humor at all I imagine you will have many a laugh at the crazy antics of Killer, Lil Who, Detective Alpha. The Wolf, Jane, and oh so many more.  This is not a work of blood and violence, but rather a work of humor at the absurdity of it all.

Though I had over 40 entries previously posted, from here on out they will now be appearing in chronological order on the day that they were “actually written.”  The Diary begins on December 28th.

Those of you who have read the previously posted entries will be pleased to discover that the “lost entries” (hitherto unpublished) are now posted as well.  So there is a lot more to catch up on and good reason to begin your love affair with DOASK anew.

And do yourself a favor; take a moment to make a WordPress account (it costs nothing) and that way you can “Follow” the DOASK blog and be alerted as new entries are posted.  Also it will give you an opportunity to comment on the post, as well as search the WordPress cyber-world for other authors worthy of a good read.

So, my dear readers, thank you again for your time, your laughs, your blood, your sweat, and your tears!


~a brief encounter~                                   
~there is no tomorrow~
~an a’peeling pass-time~ 
~follow the porno brick road~
~le morte d’albert~
~fuck you bob barker~
~of vomit & vectors~
~institution of resolution~
~resolution roulette~
~less is more; “oops” defined~
~what’s behind you is your ass~
~knowing is half the battle~
~slip toe through my two lips~
~balls to the wall~
~cat got your jung~
~a pickle in the park~
~manifestation of infestation~
~alphabet dupe~
~purse snatching and tooth catching~
~fuck you, tony, here’s a real soprano~
~the grinch and lil who, or how i went double-down on sixes~
~it rhymes with who~
~my left foot and his equally enthusiastic friend, my right~
~chewing beef twerky~
~hcik a bff~
~no gilfling ever escaped my garthum~
~home is where the who is~
~nfl = not fucking listening~
~dummy in a dumpster~
~the pee wee in me~
~home again, home again, jiggity-jig~
~infection of reflections, or: avast me maties, thars shit to be shoveled~
~who let the sobs out? who! who! who!~
~a spoonful of liquor helps the melancholy go down~
~it takes two to tango (to death)~
~toetal catastoephy~
~milk & coochies~
~of mice and (dead) men~
~i’ll huff and i’ll puff and i’ll blow your mouse down~
~peeing while doing cartwheels naked~
~candy-flippin’, nymphos strippin’ & douche-bag snippin’~
~hell in a handbasket is better than heaven and a harp~
~we should all thank jim & frank for childhood’s prelims to the sick & rank~

more to come…

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